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    Telephone Adapters ( ATA ) and Phones
    Linksys - PAP2 and PAP2T - Setup
    The first thing you will need to do is to find out the address of your Linksys PAP2 device.
    Assuming you have plugged your LinkSys PAP2 in this is quite easy to do.

  • Simply Pick up the handset that is attached to your Linksys and dial **** 110#.
  • A voice will come onto the handset and start reading you numbers which sounds something like "".
    Write down this number ( including the dots ).

    Open a web browser on your computer and type this into your browser as: replacing with the number your wrote down.

    You should now be in the configuration menu of your LinkSys PAP 2 device.
    Which looks similar to the picture below:

    Now you are inside the menu on the far right you will see a link which says "Admin Login" Click this link and you should see a menu like this appear:

    You will now need to click on the link which says "Switch To Advanced View"

    Your menu should now have grown significantly. Don't worry to much about this we're simply making it possible for us to access the settings we require.

    At the top of the menu, click on the word "SIP". You should see a new menu appear.

    Scroll down to the black menu on the left that says "RTP Parameters" and set the following below:

  • Set RTP Packet Size to 0.020
  • Scroll right to the bottom of this menu and you should see two settings please set them as below:

  • Handle VIA received: yes
  • Handle VIA rport: yes
  • Insert VIA received: yes
  • Insert VIA rport: yes
  • Substitute VIA Addr: yes
  • Send Resp To Src Port: yes
  • Set Stun enable to Yes
  • Set Stun server to
  • Now scroll to the top of the page again and click on the "Regional Settings" words.

    In this menu, scroll right to the bottom and set the following settings to the same as below:

  • Set FXS port impedance to 220+820|| 120NF
  • If you have a phone that shows the Date and Time, you may wish to set Time Zone to "GMT +10:00"
  • Now scroll back to the top again and click on the "Line 1" words ( at the very top of the screen ).

    Set the following settings in this menu to match below:

  • Ensure Line Enable is set to Yes
  • Set NAT Mapping enable to Yes
  • Set NAT keep alive enable to Yes
  • Set Proxy to
  • Set Register Expires to 300
  • Set Proxy Fallback Intvl to 300
  • Set Display Name to your FaktorTel Username ( ie 09123456 )
  • Set User ID to your FaktorTel Username ( ie 09123456 )
  • Set Password to the password provided to you by FaktorTel
  • Set Dial Plan to the following:

  • Supplementary Service Subscription settings:

  • Block CID Serv: no
  • Block ANC Serv: no
  • Cfwd All Serv: no
  • Cfwd Busy Serv: no
  • Cfwd No Ans Serv: no
  • Cfwd Sel Serv: no
  • Cfwd Last Serv: no
  • Block Last Serv: no
  • Accept Last Serv: no
  • DND Serv: no
  • Call Return Serv: no
  • Speed Dial Serv: no
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