Can I Port
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    FaktorTel - Local Number Portability ( LNP )
    Local Number Portability ( LNP ), provides a means for customers to move their phone number from one carrier to another.
    This means you may Port / Move your existing phone number to FaktorTel.

    FaktorTel can Port PSTN and ISDN Numbers from the following providers below:


    However, you MUST HAVE an active FaktorTel account to port your number.
    FaktorTel is capable of porting numbers in any area in Australia

    If you have ANY doubts, please call us on 1300 731 625 for more information.
    Important Items to Note

    1. Due to our need to communicate with your originating carrier for porting a number, standard turnaround time for a porting request is typically " 10 WORKING DAYS " ( 5 for the port verification and 5 for the actual port ).
    FaktorTel has no control over these timelines. They are determined by legislation and the response time of the originating carrier. Therefore, a precise time frame cannot be guaranteed.

    2. If your number is connected to a DSL ( ADSL ) service and you port that number to VoIP ( FaktorTel ), your DSL service may be cut off and will not be able to be resumed until the number is ported away from FaktorTel.
    We strongly recommend that you DO NOT port a number that is connected to a DSL ( ADSL ) service.

    3. By Porting the above telephone number(s), the service associated with that telephone number is disconnected from the existing Service Provider’s network and may result in finalization of the account for that service.
    Please DO NOT disconnect your number prior to commencing the Porting process.

    4. You obtain the right to port your telephone number(s), however, there may be costs and obligations imposed by your current Service Provider, associated with the port which may include early termination fees and / or Porting fees.
    Please check with your existing carrier prior to submitting a Porting request.

    5. NOT all numbers can be ported. FaktorTel will attempt to port your number.
    However, in some circumstances, the port may be rejected by the holding carrier.

    6. Porting your DID from another VSP may not be possible. In most circumstances, it won't be possible unless we have a bilatteral agreement with the carriers whom may, or may not hold the number.

    Port a Single Number: $55.00 Charged Once. Plus $3.60 Per Month for first number.
    For each additional number, $6.00 Per Month.
    Complex Ports:
    ( ISDN, etc. )
    1 - 5 numbers: $110 Per Port
    6 - 20 numbers: $200 Per Port
    21 - 100 numbers: $280 Per Port
    101 - 200 numbers: $390 Per Port

    * Additional monthly charges apply for number ranges. Please see our sales staff or check your package for further information.
    numbers Porting
    1300 - numbers: $140 Inc GST ( $19.95 inc GST per month)
    Incoming calls charged 9cents per minute
    1800 - numbers: $140 plus GST ( $29.95 inc GST per month)
    Incoming calls charged 12cents per minute
    Get started Porting your number
    FaktorTel can only process ports for existing FaktorTel customers,
    so please ensure that you have an active account with a 095X XXXX USER ID.

    To port your number,
    please complete, and send the following Port Authority Form with a COMPLETE COPY ( including ALL pages ),
    of the MOST CURRENT PHONE BILL to, Fax number: 02 8007 6676
    Scan and Email them to:

    Once your forms have been received a FaktorTel representative contact you to arrange and confirm the number port.
    Download PDF Form Below
    Residential and Business Port Authority Form - 470 Kb PDF - Editable Form Fields using Adobe Acrobat Reader
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