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    VoIP IP hardware, also known as a broadband phone or internet phone, has become a very popular method of making calls over the internet.

    A VOIP phone enables you to make calls as usual without requiring a headset connected to your computer. FaktorTel offer a range of real world business broadband phones and phone adapters which allow you to use your existing "cordless " or " corded " phone for all your VoIP IP phone calls.

    Please Note:
    We pre-configures ALL our VOIP phones and VOIP hardware, (if necessary), with your FaktorTel account details. If you are a current FaktorTel account holder, we will express post your hardware within 5 business days.

    VOIP Phones
    Siemens A510IP
    Siemens A510IP
    $159.95 includes GST
    + $15 postage Australia wide

    * Available for $89.95 on selected
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    Product Summary * device is NOT locked to FaktorTel
    The Gigaset A510 IP offers two ways to call your friends and family all over the world; with dual mode functionality you can easily switch between internet and fixed-line calls at the touch of a button.
  • Connect to both a standard landline and Broadband for IP/Internet Calls. Up to 6 handsets can be registered to the base station and it allows two internet calls as well as a landline call to be made at the same time.
  • This stylish handset maintains the ease of use and quality of the existing range with the addition of an SMS functionality PSTN/VoIP up to 160 characters for easy text messaging.
  • The A510IP handset has an illuminated B/W display 96x64 pixel and features 5 polyphonic ring tones and 10 melodies.
  • Up to any six handsets can be registered with any base station.
    Siemens A510H
    Siemens A540H - Additional Handset/s
    $89.95 includes GST
    + $15 postage Australia wide

    Product Summary * device is NOT locked to FaktorTel
    Pure Conversation
  • Multiline flexibility: register up to 6 handsets and use up to 6 SIP accounts from multiple providers
  • Internet and fixed line calls - up to 3 in parallel
  • Exceptional sound with High Definition Sound Performance
  • Radiation-free ECO Mode Plus
  • Indoor range up to 50 m, outdoor range up to 300 Standby time up to 210 hours
  • Phonebook for up to 150 entries
  • Illuminated b/w display and keypad
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If you need any assistance selecting a broadband phone or VOIP IP hardware, please contact us on 1300 731 625