Features included with a FaktorTel Hosted PBX
    AUTO-ATTENDANT An Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) menu that presents the caller with options for the call to be transferred to the area of interest. ( i,e. Press: 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, Etc. )
    VOICEMAIL Allows the user to record a greeting and invite the caller to record a message when the call is unanswered.
    VOICEMAIL to EMAIL Forwards the voicemail left by the caller to an email address of your choice in a .wav file
    CALL GROUPS Allows you to route how the incoming calls flow through your Hosted PBX lines, either from extension to extension (sequential) or multiple extensions at the same time (simultaneous)*. You may even route calls to external numbers (i.e. mobile, landline, or even overseas numbers).
    CALLER ID PRESENTATION The Virtual PBX handsets have the capability to display the telephone number of an incoming call on the LCD screen.
    FOLLOW ME Allows re-direction of incoming calls to ring at multiple destination numbers. You can also choose how long one number will ring, before the call is forwarded to the next number. Additionally, " Follow Me " treats external numbers as extensions in the Hosted PBX system.
    INCOMING NUMBER ( DID ) Regular telephone number to receive incoming calls from the public telephone network.
    CLI OVERSTAMPING Set your Company number to display in caller ID when making calls from any phone in your Virtual PBX, so your clients can easily identify the number and answer the call.
    CALL PARK & PICK-UP Allows you to park a call without specifying a receiving extension, so you can browse the office until you find a suitable location to pick up and continue the call.
    CALL TRANSFER Allows you to transfer incoming calls to other extensions in your Virtual PBX, or to any other telephone number.
    CALL HOLD Allows you to place a caller on hold while a second call can be answered, or made.
    MUSIC ON HOLD You may activate a default music track for callers to enjoy when placed on hold, or in a queue.
    CALL WAITING Notification of an incoming call when the line is in use.
    MULTIPLE OFFICES A Hosted PBX extension can not only be in one office, but anywhere in the world. Providing there is an internet connection, all calls between extensions are free of charge.
    ONLINE WEB INTERFACE You can access this with any standard web browser, therefore, allowing you to adjust settings, add music, change your on hold messages and change or add handsets to your system. All from the comfort of your office based PC.
    EXTENSION DIALLING Allows Hosted PBX users to setup a four digit extension number. Enabling calling each other using this number free of charge.
    FAX CAPABILITY Allows sending and receiving of faxes via the FaktorTel VoIP network.
    Additional Features Included
    QUEUES Allow customers to wait in a queue before an operator picks up the call.
    " Your call is important to us and will be answered by the next available operator."
    CONFERENCE ROOMS Hold teleconferences with the aid of full scale conference room features, including dial in through incoming numbers and join as an extension of the PBX.
    CALL RECORDING Allows you to record calls for use later as training material.
    CALL FORWARDING Call forward on Busy or on No Answer. Allowing you to forward the call to an external line or internal extension.
    COMPANY DIRECTORY & PERSONAL CONTACT LISTS The PBX will store a personal directory for you and your company contacts. This is accessible through your easy to use web interface.
    CALL RECORDS CDR (Call Detail Records) are accessible to you so that you can consolidate and view calls that have been made from your PBX system at any time. (Logging).
    SCHEDULING Allows you to schedule Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) and On-Hold features to occur at specific dates and times. Including automatically announcing holiday messages.
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