Asterisk / Trixbox
    Troubleshooting TrixBox, Elastix, and other FreePBX installations
    The following covers the majority of issues that FaktorTel Technical support encounter when assisting customers
    with TrixBox, Elastix and other FreePBX installations. Please read through the following for a quick overview of common issues.
    Use a Quality Tested Distribution

    FaktorTel Technical support download, install and test on the latest Trixbox and Elastix distributions so that we can offer timely and qualified assistance to our customers. At the bottom of each Asterisk Tutorial you will find the TrixBox and Elastix distributions that FaktorTel staff have recently quality tested with the tutorial. If you are not using a distribution listed at the bottom of the tutorial, please check other tutorials to see if your distribution is listed, or download the latest distribution listed at the bottom of the tutorial.

    Use a Hardware Platform to Test

    Due to the low resources required to run PBX software, we recommend installing TrixBox or Elastix on an older, dedicated machine for an accurate testing environment as opposed to a virtual platform. Unfortunately, PBX software is not as reliable on virtualisation platforms as it is on bare-metal hardware. FaktorTel has found in the past that issues such as timing issues, dropped calls are possible, and call quality can suffer due to routing and CPU delays.

    Configure a DNS Server

    A common issue that FaktorTel staff encounter is PBX installations that do not have a DNS server nominated in their network settings. To quickly check if you can ping our servers, run the following command at the server's console, or in a PuTTY session:

    [root@elastix ~]# ping

    The following response is an example of a DNS issue in your server:

    [root@elastix ~]# ping
    ping: unknown host

    To resolve the issue in Elastix, open a web browser and login to the the PBX configuration GUI.
    On the System tab, click " Network ", then " Edit Network Parameters ".
    To resolve the issue, in Trixbox type the following command:

    [root@trixbox ~]# system-config-network

    In both cases, set the Primary and Secondary DNS servers.
    We recommend Google Open DNS, which are IP addresses and respectively.

    Follow the tutorials precisely

    Before calling FaktorTel Support, please ensure that the settings in Trunks, Inbound Routes and Outbound Routes match the appropriate tutorial on the FaktorTel website, however feel free to use a any single, supported codec you like.

    Reboot your server

    From time to time your server may require a reboot. Please be sure to complete this step before contacting FaktorTel Support.

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