Faktortel VOIP Services

Faktortel provide VOIP services Australia wide and strive to give you the best VOIP quality around.
and uptime
are our main concern."
- Chris Cowling, FaktorTel CTO
    Our Network
    At FaktorTel we are proud of our network and do our best to bring you high quality VOIP services at low costs. FaktorTel's core equipment resides in the Brisbane PIPE Data Center in Queensland Australia.

    Unlike most data centers PIPE's network allows us to connect to almost every ISP in Australia within a few milliseconds and acts as a communications hub a large section of Australia therefore allowing FaktorTel to offer crystal clear calling from almost any ISP in the country, no matter how large or small. This enables us to deliver the best VOIP quality possible.
    The Core Network
    FaktorTel's Core network equipment consists of one of Australia's only Clustered Asterisk environments with Dual to Ternary protection on all equipment including routers, load balancing servers, database servers and voice.
    All of FaktorTel's core equipment is supplied by DELL and runs the required server architectures for maximum uptime and availability.
    The Data Network
    FaktorTel's data network consists of a managed solution provided by PIPE Networks, our data connections are monitored and manned 24x7, 365 days a year.
    For maximum redundancy the Data network is BGP managed and can automatically change between 3 major providers inside Australia.
    Point to Point interconnects are used between PIPE Data Centers from Brisbane to Sydney and Brisbane to Melbourne providing single hop solutions for data travelling the length of Australia along with maximum security as traffic travelling outside of the core network is kept on a private link and not exposed to the open internet.
    The Voice Network
    FaktorTel's voice network is one of the largest VOIP networks in the country and spans 3 states throughout the east coast of Australia.
    FaktorTel currently have points of termination in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, including major fiber interconnects with carriers for traffic to the rest of the country and the world.
    Presently, FaktorTel runs 4 major carriers into its network from separate locations with no less than 2 carriers at each point of termination.
    The Staff
    FaktorTel has several network engineers monitoring, upgrading and maintaining our network equipment. There is no time, night or day, that the voice network becomes un-monitored or unavailable to our Tech's.
    Our tech's include contributors to the Asterisk Open Source project, software development staff for projects including vspPanel (www.vsppanel.com) and admins with large scale network experience including previous projects with TabCorp, Citibank and the ASX.
    The Quick Run-down
    Owns equipment across the country: FaktorTel currently owns all of it's equipment from point to point throughout Australia.
    Data Center Redundancy: FaktorTel Currently uses PIPE Networks Data Centers in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne which provide Generator and Battery Backup for all our servers.
    Data Redundancy: FaktorTel currently run BGP across 3 network providers for FULL data redundancy.
    Voice Redundancy: FaktorTel currently runs 4 voice carriers along with a major fiber interconnect to the PSTN for maximum voice redundancy.
    Staff: FaktorTel has several Linux and Asterisk network specialists whom solely look after and maintain equipment across the country, along with various technical support, sales and billing staff.
    For more information about our VOIP services or if you need assistance selecting the best VOIP hardware for your needs please call us on 1300 731 625
    Photos Available Soon...
    To view a few pictures from our Core Network.
    The photos were taken as the core network was rebuilt in November 2007. Currently the core network has an internal data capacity of 3.1 Gbps, and runs a host of redundant Dell Servers, PSU's and Core equipment for VOIP Swithing.
    * For security reasons, we are not able to include pictures of our Data Center or associated equipment to the left or right of our core network.