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    Routers and Modems
    Billion - 7402 - Setup

    Step 1:

  • The first step to configuring your Billion router for use with FaktorTel is to login to the administration section of the router.
  • Open your web browser and type the following address:
  • You should now see a screen which looks like the diagram below:
  • In the Username section enter: admin
    In the Password section enter: admin

    You should now be logged into your Billion Router.

    Step 2:

    You now need to configure the VOIP section of your router for use with FaktorTel.
    Fortunately with the Billion products, they have provided a nice interface for doing so.

    First, click on the " Configuration " option in the side menu, as shown below:

    Then, click on the " VOIP " option in the menu which appears underneath it, as shown below:

    Then click on the " General Settings " option in the menu which appears next, as shown below:

    Step 3:

    Now that you have clicked on " General Settings " you should be viewing the screen and menu as shown below:

    This menu is where you will configure the FaktorTel general settings.
    Please be certain that you have the following settings for your device below:
    * Additional Note:
    We are only setting up phone port 1, you may duplicate the settings for phone port 2

  • SIP: Enable
  • RTP Port: 5100
  • Region: AUS
  • Voice QOS, DSCP Marking: Best Effort
  • Registrar Address ( Or Hostname ): or, ( if using the prepaid service )
  • Registrar Port: 5060
  • Expire: 3600
  • User Domain / Realm: Leave Blank
  • Outbound Proxy Address: Leave Blank
  • Outbound Proxy Port: 5060
  • Then click on the " Apply " button at the bottom.
    * Importantly, click on the " Save Config " button after clicking the Apply button.

    Step 4:

    We now need to setup the actual FaktorTel account and password in the device.
    To do this we need to go to the " Phone Port " menu as shown below:

    After clicking on the " Phone Port " option you should now see a menu as shown below:

    Now click on the " Edit " link, located next to the first phone port. ( It's circled in RED on the screenshot above )

    Step 5:

    You should now be presented with a menu like the one shown below:

    Fill in the settings in the menu items above as follows:

    Login Configuration:

  • Phone Number: Your FaktorTel USER ID ( 09xxxxxx )
  • Authentication Username: Your FaktorTel USER ID ( 09xxxxxx )
  • Authentication Password: Your FaktorTel PASSWORD
  • Confirm Password: Your FaktorTel PASSWORD
  • Display Name: Enter in your name here ( E.g. " FaktorTel " )
  • Codec Preference

  • Priority 1: G.729
  • Priority 2:PCMU ( G.711 A-Law )
  • Priority 3:PCMU ( G.711 U-Law )
  • * The rest of the fields can be left blank. These only control speed-dial options for your unit if required.

  • Click on the " Apply " button down the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the " Save Config " button on the bottom of the page.
  • Step 7:

    Your new router is now setup for use with Faktortel VoIP.
    Simply click on the " Restart " button at the bottom of the menu and after 60 seconds when the router reboots you should be able to start using your Faktortel telephone by plugging a normal handset into the " Line 1 " port at the back of your router.

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