Some Frequently Asked Questions
    FAQ - Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions
    Question: How can I connect to FaktorTel Wholesale?

    To connect to FaktorTel wholesale you can use either:

    We provide our service via standard SIP Trunks or IAX Trunks and fully support the Asterisk PBX platform as well as other PBX and dialler systems which are SIP compliant.

    Question: Do you support national and international call centers?

    Yes, FaktorTel fully support National and International call centers. We are able to provide you with both inbound numbers from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand as well as provide quality outbound call termination of calls to landlines, mobiles and international destinations.

    Question: Hows your uptime?

    At present, FaktorTel has connectivity with 5 seperate PSTN networks across Australia, 3 Data providers and a high availability infrastructure.
    In the rare event that there is a full carrier outage, FaktorTel's systems will automatically route your call to the next available network seemlessly. You shouldn't notice any difference. FaktorTel has a recorded 4 nines uptime from independant statistics networks.

    Question: How am I billed for FaktorTel Wholesale?

    FaktorTel supports standard billing practices. For most accounts upon request we can offer post-paid billing with negotiable terms. For international diallers or similar call centers we offer prepaid services which secure sharp rates and high volume.

    Question: Can I provide my own outbound CallerID?

    Yes, FaktorTel can provide custom outgoing CallerID from your Wholesale / Business VoIP service.
    To enable this on your account, you must call FaktorTel and fax, or scan through a current bill from your original provider proving that you own the number, or numbers you wish to send. Once we have these details and information, you will be capable of sending these numbers from your VoIP equipment through to FaktorTel, which can then be passed to the PSTN networks.

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