Our VoIP Call Termination
    Call Origination (Inbound Calling)
    FaktorTel currently provides millions of minutes of inbound calling every month, satisfying customers from residential, small business, corporate and enterprise services.

    We currently offer inbound termination for every prefix in Australia directly to SIP or IAX trunks, as well as full inbound number portability. CallerID is provided on all inbound services1 and can be delivered in 0NSN or E164 format. We are also happy to provide direct to IP address inbound services, we find these are common place for calling card and inbound call center businesses who may only require inbound services with no outbound component.

    13 / 1300 and 1800 Numbers (Toll capped and toll free) services can also be provided through our platform and are terminated directly to your SIP services without the need to route to incoming numbers or individual service locations.

    1 - Where inbound callerID is not masked by the calling party.

    Please contact us and describe your requirements to have a trained representative contact you and provide you with a solution that fits your needs.

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