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Virtual PBX

FaktorTel Virtual PBX delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system, without the costs of managing and maintaining an onsite hardware PBX. Our Virtual PBX delivers powerful calling and mobility features that enable employees, groups and entire organisations to streamline how they communicate.

It makes everything easier

Taking the PBX away from your office and putting it in our secure cloud environment makes life a lot easier for you and your IT department. You get an amazing business phone system that works exactly like you would expect it to. All you need is an Internet connection. Meanwhile, we own and manage all the hosted PBX equipment behind the scenes so you don’t have to.

Lower your costs

A FaktorTel Virtual PBX gives you major cost savings. A PBX in the cloud typically costs 50% of a regular phone system.

Grows with your business

A Virtual PBX can grow with ease. All you have to do is connect another phone or softphone application and they can be online within minutes.

Keep your phone numbers

We can port your number directly onto your Virtual PBX so it works and sounds like it did before. It’s a quick and painless process.

How a Virtual PBX works

  • Low startup costs, and huge monthly savings
  • Put all your staff under the same phone system, for easy extension dialling and call transfers
  • Predictable operating expenses with an unlimited call plan
  • Sound professional with custom greetings, unlimited extensions and on hold music
  • Expert Support
  • Superior Voice Quality
  • User-friendly web management portal
  • Easily add local or speciality numbers in seconds

Managed vs UnManaged Virtual PBX

FaktorTel Managed

Managed Virtual PBX

Forget about nasty surprises for extra calls and support! FaktorTel’s Managed Virtual PBX gives you a complete PBX solution, including setup, support, and unlimited standard local, national, and mobile calls.

Managed Virtual PBX’s are perfect for customers preferring a trouble-free setup and managed phone solution. Based on consultation with you to understand your requirements, FaktorTel can implement and maintain a system specifically catered to your needs.

This doesn’t mean you can’t manage parts of it yourself, though. All clients can get access to our easy to use web interface in case you want to make adds/ moves/ changes as you go, with the comfort of knowing the experienced FaktorTel support team are always nearby to help you if you need.

FaktorTel Managed Virtual PBX clients also benefit from predictable monthly costs, with all support, and all calls to standard local, national, and mobile numbers included! Make plenty of calls to specialty 13/1300 numbers, or internationally? We’ve got you covered with great call rates to all destinations.


UnManaged Virtual PBX

An UnManaged PBX is a “clean slate”, fully functional Virtual PBX that you set up and manage yourself through our easy to use web interface.

FaktorTel UnManaged Virtual PBX’s allow you to cherry-pick the components which suit your business and benefit from cost savings by only paying for what you use.

By you taking over the implementation and management of your phone system (assisted by in-depth configuration documentation) we can offer you better rates.

Once you select your call plan and the number of users for your PBX, we’ll give you access to our easy to use web management portal to build and configure your phone system exactly how you want it.

A FaktorTel UnManaged Virtual PBX does require our customers to configure and maintain their own phone system. To help this process we have made our management systems as simple as possible, however, should you need extra assistance, our experienced staff are available to consult at Time & Materials rates.

Cost Calculator

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UnManaged PBX
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* Virtual PBX deployments require a minimum of 2 users.
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* Virtual PBX deployments require a minimum of 2 users.
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Expert Support Team

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Crystal clear call quality

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Nation-wide incoming numbers, and 1300/1800 numbers


Make your business National at the touch of a button.

FaktorTel can provide businesses with Incoming numbers from right across Australia and New Zealand and connect them all to your new Virtual PBX phone system.

Specialty 1300 and 1800 numbers are also available.

Learn more about Incoming Numbers

Virtual PBX Features


An Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) menu that presents the caller with options for the call to be transferred to the area of interest. (e.g. Press: 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, etc. )


Allows the user to record a greeting and invite the caller to record a message when a call is unanswered.


Forwards the voicemail left by the caller to an email address of your choice in a .wav file


Allows you to route how the incoming calls flow through your Virtual PBX lines, either from extension to extension (sequential) or multiple extensions at the same time (simultaneous)*. You may even route calls to external numbers (i.e. mobile, landline, or even overseas numbers).


Most IP handsets have the capability to display the telephone number of an incoming call on their screen.


Allows re-direction of incoming calls to ring at multiple destination numbers. You can also choose how long one number will ring, before the call is forwarded to the next number.


A Direct In-Dial or regular telephone number to receive incoming calls from the public telephone network.


Set your Company number to display in caller ID when making calls from any phone in your Virtual PBX, so your clients can easily identify the number and answer the call.


Allows you to park a call without specifying a receiving extension, so you can browse the office until you find a suitable location to pick up and continue the call.


Allows you to transfer incoming calls to other extensions in your Virtual PBX, or to any other telephone number.


Allows you to place a caller on hold while a second call can be answered, or made.


You may activate a default music track for callers to enjoy when placed on hold, or in a queue.


Notification of an incoming call when the line is in use.


A Virtual PBX extension can not only be in one office, but anywhere in the world. Providing there is an internet connection, all calls between extensions are free of charge.


You can access this with any standard web browser, allowing you to adjust settings, add music, change your on hold messages and change or add handsets to your system. No need for in-depth training, our portal is user friendly and easy to use.


Allows Virtual PBX users to be assigned a four digit extension number which can be dialed by other users for a quick, easy and free of charge call amongst colleagues.


Allows receiving of faxes via the FaktorTel VoIP network. These are delivered to you as a PDF file to your desired email address.


Allow customers to wait in a queue before an operator picks up the call.
"Your call is important to us and will be answered by the next available operator."


Hold teleconferences with the aid of full scale conference room features, including dial in through incoming numbers and join as an extension of the PBX.


Allows you to record calls for use later as training material.


Call forward on Busy or on No Answer. Allowing you to forward the call to an external line or internal extension.


The PBX will store a personal directory for you and your company contacts. This is accessible through your easy to use web interface.


Allows you to click on a link within your PBX which will then initiate a call which connects your phone with the number you are dialing.


CDR (Call Detail Records) are accessible to you so that you can consolidate and view calls that have been made from your PBX system at any time.


Allows you to schedule Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and On-Hold features to occur at specific dates and times. Including automatically announcing holiday messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the voice quality of VoIP?

    The voice (or call) quality of a broadband telephone call is comparable with that of your standard telephone line. To be certain you receive the best call quality, it is important to have a stable internet connection, and a handset with a good microphone.

  • What is FaktorTel?

    FaktorTel is one of Australia's leading VOIP companies, allowing customers to make significantly reduced cost phone calls using their broadband internet instead of their regular telephone line.

  • What is required to use the FaktorTel service?

    To use the FaktorTel Service you will need a broadband internet connection, and if you have purchased or received a VoIP Box, a spare phone handset for making and receiving calls.

  • Do I need to keep my existing phone service?

    This depends on what type of broadband connection you have. ADSL broadband requires a telephone line to connect through so you will therefore need to keep your existing phone line. Cable broadband and business Ethernet connections do not require a phone line so you will not need your existing service. You will also not require your existing service if you have Naked ADSL, which is available through some broadband suppliers.

    If you no longer require the existing phone service but would like to keep your numbers, you are able to port them to FaktorTel's network and use them with your VOIP service.

  • Do people I am calling need to have FaktorTel too?

    No, you can call anyone from your FaktorTel service. You can make mobile, local, national and international calls from FaktorTel just like a standard telephone service.

  • Can I use a normal telephone? What type of telephone can I use?

    Yes you can! Any normal telephone can be used with a VoIP Converter, so your existing handsets, both corded or cordless, still work. Simply plug your handset into the converter and you can use the handset on VoIP just like you did on your old telephone service. You can purchase a converter from our store, or browse or selection of IP Handsets and upgrade to a new handset.

  • Can I keep my existing phone number?

    Yes, you are able to keep your existing phone number. More details on Number Porting are available here.

  • Can I get new phone numbers?

    Yes. Through the FaktorTel Customer Portal you can add new phone numbers to your account, ready to use immediately.

  • What types of phone numbers can I use?

    Australian geographic (i.e. local) numbers can be ordered from FaktorTel, or ported in to use with your service. These, along with 1300 and 1800 numbers, can be organised through the FaktorTel Customer Portal.

    Australian 13 numbers (6 digit), along with New Zealand geographic (local), or New Zealand 0800 numbers can be supported on the FaktorTel network by contacting us.

  • What equipment is required?

    To use the FaktorTel service you will require:

    • An internet connection (e.g. Ethernet, ADSL or NBN)
    • An IP handset, or
    • A traditional handset and a VoIP Converter

    You may want additional functionality provided by a phone system you can use FaktorTel BizVOIP with a SIP capable PBX, or switch to a FaktorTel Virtual PBX.

  • Can I use FaktorTel with a dial-up internet connection?

    No, unfortunately a broadband internet connection is required to use the FaktorTel service.

  • How fast does my internet connection need to be to use FaktorTel?

    FaktorTel recommends that you allow roughly 100/100Kbps per line in use. This means that if your business has 10 lines, we would recommend you allow roughly 1/1Mbps of bandwidth for voice traffic.

  • Can I use FaktorTel with a Wireless Broadband service?

    Due to the low bandwidth and instability of many wireless connections, FaktorTel cannot guarantee that a VoIP service will work over a Wireless Broadband network. Your experience may vary, as Wireless Broadband reception differs widely. If you are unsure, we do offer plans on a 1 month term - this gives you the chance to test our services to see if they are right for you.

  • Do I need to have a phone line?

    If your internet connection is running over an ADSL connection your phone line may be required. Other connection types (e.g. Naked ADSL, Ethernet over Copper, Fibre Ethernet) do not require a phone line to be in place.

  • What is VoIP?

    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is the new way to make and receive phone calls. VoIP sends your voice over the internet rather then through the standard telephone network therefore allowing for significantly reduced call rates.

  • What is Broadband?

    Broadband is a general term for different types of high-speed internet including ADSL, NBN, Cable and Wireless. Broadband can carry voice, video and data all at the same time.

  • What is a DID?

    A DID refers to a Direct In-Dial number, or phone number. This is a number on your FaktorTel account which can be setup to receive calls on, as well as the Caller ID displayed when you make outbound calls.

  • What is a VoIP Converter?

    A VoIP Converter is a device that changes a phone signal between a traditional phone signal and a digital (VoIP) signal. This enables you to make and received VoIP calls on your traditional handset at VoIP rates, rather than being locked-in to using the old telephone network.

    Simply plug in your regular telephone handset into one side of the VoIP Converter, and plug in your broadband internet connection into the other side, and the device will instantly work as a bridge between your old network and VoIP.

  • Is FaktorTel the same as Skype?

    No, FaktorTel customers make and receive calls as they normally would using their existing telephone handset. Skype relies on a software phone meaning that you must talk through your computer, using a headset or USB style phone.

    FaktorTel is an Australian based telecommunications network provider. Skype uses other people's computers and bandwidth to send calls that other people make, with Skype your voice could go anywhere before getting to the requested destination.

  • Can I use my computer while on the phone?

    Yes, you can use your computer at the same time as making a phone call (or calls) on the FaktorTel Service.

  • Can I send and receive a Fax over the FaktorTel network?

    You are able to add a 'Fax To Email' service to any of the numbers you have on your FaktorTel account, whether that is a new number we provider or an existing number you port onto our network. This converts inbound faxes to a PDF format, and sends them by email to your desired recipients. This can be setup and managed through our customer portal.

    Sending faxes (outbound) over VoIP can be possible, though due to codec clashes when these are being connected through other carriers to your desired target, or at the receiving end's fax machine, the reliability of sending faxes with VoIP is not ideal. We recommend against attempting outbound faxing on FaktorTel.

  • Can I bring my own VoIP device to use with FaktorTel?

    Yes you can. Simply select the ( I have my own Device / Software, and require " NO " additional hardware ) option during the signup process with any of our plans.

  • Will FaktorTel work if I lose power?

    No. Without backup power generation or UPS batteries in place, your internet service will go offline and therefore sever your connection to FaktorTel until the power is restored and your router/ switches have rebooted.

  • My broadband internet connection uses a USB port can I still use FaktorTel?

    You can still use FaktorTel but you will need to either purchase an ethernet router to connect the FaktorTel VoIP Converter to or use a Soft Phone instead of a handset.

  • Can I use my FaktorTel VoIP Converter with another provider?

    VoIP Converters purchased through FaktorTel are setup to work with the FaktorTel network. If you no longer wish to use FaktorTel we will be sad to see you leave, but you will of course have the ability to reconfigure the VoIP Converter you have purchased to work with another network.

  • What is the initial startup cost?

    FaktorTel has several different packages available, with many available with a $0 setup cost! If you've already got a VoIP Converter, IP Handsets, or are wanting to use a softphone client, this means you can get started without any capital expenditure!

  • Why are FaktorTel calls so cheap?

    Because your calls through FaktorTel are connecting to our network over an Internet connection, we don't have to charge the outdated prices you see on traditional PSTN and ISDN services. That means we can pass these savings on to our customers so you can stop having to pay outdated call rates to the old telcos.

  • How do you bill me for the service?

    We send an e-mail invoice on your billing date each month. Your bill is automatically charged to the credit card you provided when you signed up with FaktorTel.

  • Do I need to have a credit card to signup?

    Yes. We set up your account instantly when you sign up online and provide a credit card. This card will be charged for the fees on your account, and can be updated at any time within our customer portal.

  • What if there is a problem with my Credit Card?

    If your credit card cannot be processed for any reason you will be notified by email. If after we are unable to make payment your service may be suspended until such time as your account is up to date.

    As a FaktorTel customer, it is essential that your account details and credit card information are current and accurate at all times. You are able to mange these within the FaktorTel Customer Portal.

  • Do I get charged for incoming calls?

    Standard Australian local or geographic numbers do not have an inbound call charge. Speciality phone numbers, like 1300 and 1800 numbers, do have a charge for incoming calls. More details are available here.

  • Will I be under contract?

    Most FaktorTel plans are available on either a 1 or 12 month contract option, and you can choose whichever suits you best. For specific information about your service and contract terms, please check the Standard Form of Agreement and Critical Information Summary specific to your service on Our Policies.

  • Can I view my bills online?

    Yes, you can view you invoices and call reports within our customer portal. Simply login to https://portal.faktortel.com.au

  • Can I have multiple phone lines?

    Yes, your account will have a number of phone lines depending upon the plan you are on. Each line enables one call (in or outbound), with the total number of concurrent calls available on your account being your total number of lines.

  • Can I have multiple phone numbers?

    Yes, you can add any amount of new numbers, or ported in existing numbers to your account - there are no limits.

  • Can I update my plan?

    Yes, you can update your plan at any time by contacting our staff.

  • How do I update my Credit Card details?

    You can update your credit card details directly within the FaktorTel Customer Portal using our secure payments platform.

  • How do I know if I am in a FaktorTel coverage area?

    FaktorTel is a national telecommunications company and can provide service to any business around Australia. No matter where you are you will be able to make calls out of your FaktorTel service provided you have a reliable internet connection.

  • Can I use the service overseas and what are the costs?

    Yes, you can use the service overseas. As the FaktorTel service is delivered over an internet connection you are able to connect from anywhere. However, being an Australian based company our infrastructure and our calls rates are designed for Australian businesses, so connecting from overseas may hinder your service experience.

    Please note that if you are connecting to FaktorTel from overseas your call rates are the same as if you were to connect from within Australia. This means calls to Australian numbers are at the Local or National rate, and changes to international destinations (even to the country you are in if connecting from overseas) will be charged as an international call.

  • Is a FaktorTel Service and VoIP easy to install?

    Yes, FaktorTel BizVOIP is very easy to set up. If you have an existing IP PBX (SIP capable) simply direct this to connect to our servers with the authentication details we provide upon signup.

    FaktorTel Managed Virtual PBX's are set up by our staff based on your requirements, so we'll help you through the process.

    UnManaged Virtual PBX's require you to set up your phone system yourself, so this can be more challenging for some businesses.

    To continue using a legacy phone system or handset, you may need a VoIP Converter, which can be purchased from us at sign-up and will come pre-configured.

  • How do I setup my FaktorTel VoIP account?

    When you sign-up to FaktorTel BizVOIP your account will come pre-configured, and the relevant authentication details will be provided. You can review or manage these details through the FaktorTel Customer Portal at any time.

  • Where is my VoIP hardware delivered to?

    If you purchase any hardware from FaktorTel these items will be delivered to your nominated address. To follow-up on the status of your order, or confirm you entered the correct delivery address, contact us.

  • I cannot remember my User ID or Password.

    In the FaktorTel Customer Portal there is a 'forgot password' feature. If you are still unable to recover your account access after trying this, please contact our support team with as much detail of your account as possible so we can verify your identity.

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