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Signing up to VoIP shouldn’t be a hassle, which is why we try to give you as much power as possible to control your account through the FaktorTel Customer Portal.

Setting Up Your Account

Once you have signed up for a new account and verified your details, our team will make sure your account in created with the rate plan and inclusions you have requested. Some BizVOIP accounts require more work than others, but overall we try our best to have every new account ready to go by the next business day. If you are experiencing delays, contact our team and we will do our best to resolve your request promptly. Virtual PBX setup can take longer as we work with you to develop the specific deployment, so the time to completion is variable.

Once FaktorTel has setup your account for you, we will provide you with the relevant login credentials for the customer portal, along with the information you will need to configure your service and connect to our platform.

Accessing the Customer Portal

FaktorTel launched a new platform in September 2017, including all new rate plans, Virtual PBX offerings, and feature-rich customer portal.

All customers signing up to FaktorTel are now deployed on the new platform and have access to the new customer portal, which is available at https://portal.faktortel.com.au

If you were already a FaktorTel customer prior to September 2017 your services are still accessible from the old portal at https://web.faktortel.com.au/billing/client/login.php.
Older accounts cannot be directly migrated to the new platform, though you are able to change your plan to one of our new rate plan options and we will work with you to move onto the new platform. This will give you access to the full feature set of the new platform and portal, along with the great new rates now on offer. If you would like to upgrade your account, speak with our sales team today.

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