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This is a statement regarding how we handle complaints at FaktorTel.  Customers have a right to complain. We aim to make our complaints handling process fair, transparent, quick, effective and free.  

Our complaints process is designed to comply with:

We strongly encourage you to try and resolve issues with us using our complaints process, but you are not obligated to do so and our complaints policy in no way limits your legal rights.  You are always entitled to take independent action to enforce your rights, including seeking external review from the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman.

Responsibility for our compliance with the complaints process lies with our Chief Executive Officer.

How to lodge a complaint

Customers wishing to lodge a complaint should do so via:

For all methods of contact other than by phone, we will acknowledge having received your complaint within 2 business days.  Note that any phone call will be billed at standard rates.

Preparing your complaint

We can help with formulating, lodging and progressing your complaint if requested.  

You may also appoint an Authorised Representative or Advocate to complain on your behalf in accordance with our Representative Policy.

How we handle complaints

Complaints are different from ordinary support tickets; however we use similar processes to avoid confusion and allow us to track all communication and actions required.  Where appropriate, you may lodge both a support ticket and a complaint in relation to the same incident. If you express dissatisfaction when lodging a support ticket, we will ask you if you wish to make a complaint.

If you make a complaint, the person with whom you make contact will identify themselves to you.  They will try their best to resolve your complaint “on the spot”, although this may not always be possible (for example because records need to be reviewed, or enquiries must be made with another staff member).

When you contact FaktorTel to make a complaint, we will initiate a ticket to track your complaint and give you the reference number for that ticket.  

Where Faktortel are unable to resolve a complaint during first contact, we respond to complaints according to the following scheduled milestones:

Please note that business days for the purpose of this document are Monday to Friday and do not include National or Queensland State Public Holidays


In extreme cases, where a resolution isn’t possible within the above timeframe, we’ll advise you of the expected timeframe for a resolution (where possible) and the reasons why the resolution has been delayed as well as your options for external dispute resolution.

Once you have agreed to the proposed resolution we will take steps to implement the agreed resolution within 10 days, unless you agree otherwise, or you have not done something that we require you to do in order to proceed with implementing the agreed resolution.

How we review complaints

To ensure that we are dealing with complaints appropriately, we make records when we receive a complaint.  We regularly review these records internally to ensure that outcomes are satisfactory and identify any recurring or emerging issues which require special attention.

Review by senior staff

If you are dissatisfied with the way in which your complaint is handled, in the first instance you may request that the person attending to your complaint escalate the complaint to their manager for review.  

Urgent complaints

If your complaint is urgent, for example because you are in financial hardship and the subject matter of the complaint substantially contributes to or aggravates the financial hardship, or disconnection of your service is imminent, you should notify the person handling your complaint so that the resolution of your complaint can be prioritised.  

If your complaint is an urgent complaint we will endeavour to propose a resolution for your complaint within 2 working days or advise you of the expected timeframe and any options for external review if we cannot propose a resolution within 2 working days.

External options

We believe that our internal complaint resolution is the quickest, most effective way to resolve complaints.  If, however, you are not satisfied with our review of your complaint, or the way we have handled it, you may request review from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).  

The TIO is a free and independent way to seek external review of how we have handled your complaint and the act of seeking assistance from the TIO will not affect delivery of FaktorTel services to you.  

However, the TIO will generally not review a complaint unless you have made a genuine attempt to resolve the matter with us prior to contacting them.  This means you will need to speak with us to attempt to resolve your complaint, but you do not need to go all the way through our internal complaints process prior to contacting the TIO.

You can contact the TIO as follows:

Phone: 1800 062 058

Fax: 1800 630 614

Online: www.tio.com.au

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